Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Os Holandeses (part 1)

Three "encounters" of Dutch (in Portuguese 'Holandeses') with Others living on the Cabo Verde Islands. (i) In 1598 five Dutch ships of Balthazar de Moucheron plunder Ribeira Grande on island Santiago. (ii) In 1627 Dutch crewman were driven from island Maio.
 Source: Arnold van Wickeren 'Geschiedenis van Portugal en de Portugezen overzee', 
deel 13 (2008). Translation from Dutch into English (c) J.D.

(iii) In 1628 admiral Adriaen Jansz Pater, on his way to Brazil for the 'Dutch West India Company' (in Dutch 'WIC' or 'West-Indische Companie'), attacked island Santiago without success. 
Source: A. Teixeira da Mota 'Cinco Séculos de Cartografia das Ilhas de Cabo Verde' (1961). Translation from Portuguese into English (c) J.D.

One more track to follow: the two manuscripts of Hessel Gerritsz with 52 sketches :)

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