Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Apple Orchard. In Dutch Appel Boomgaert

In March of this year I bought this map. Anonymous 1640-1660 

With a reading glass I tried to read or decipher what is written on the map. Most of the text on this map is in Dutch ('Belgis'). Pretty though to read anything substantial.

Couple of weeks later I looked at the details of this map. Blaeu J 1662

My conclusion: the texts on the two maps are identical. In every detail!

Titles compared:

'Appel Boomgaert' (English 'Apple Orchard') and 'Conde de St. Crux' compared on São Antonio: 

'Klip Water Pl' and 'Zand Strant' and 'Groote Inwyck' compared on São Vincente:

'S. Domingo' and 'Porto de Rey Beraon' and ' Hoeck van Fortalesa' compared on Santiago:

Detail of Porto de Rey Beraon: "BERAON". I have no idea who King ('Rey' in 'Hispanis') Beraon is.

Two maps are identical. Only difference colour and placement of title.

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