Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Benincasa's 1468 map?

Hennig writes in his 'Terrae Incognitae, band IV' (page 140 and 209): "die ganze Kapverdischen Inseln erscheinen erstmalig 1468 auf der Benincasa-Karte". Translated: the Cape Verde islands appear for the first time in 1468 on the Benincasa-Karte. 

Benincasa's 1468 map? Which map made by Graziosa Benincasa (around 1400 - unknown) with the Cape Verde Islands included? Between 1468 and 1480 thirteen maps were made by him or imitators and two of them were made in 1468 (source):

According to Heuijerjans these two maps are from Benincasa and from 1468 (source):  

Correct? According to Tony Campbell from Map History MS 6390 should present 8 islands and Kraus "all" Cape Verde Islands. The first map above has 4 islands and the second one 8. 

Back to the sources. To be continued ...

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