Friday, 7 November 2014

Hennig on Cabo Verde islands

Richard Hennig writes in his 'Terrae Incognitae, band IV' (1956) on the Cabo Verde islands. It's a book in German. In German these islands are called 'Kapverdische Inseln'. Here a scan of all the relevant pages.


Title page

Index on 'Kapverdische Inseln'

Main chapter (180) on the discovery ('entdeckung') of the first ('ersten') Cabo Verde islands. Page 163 - 184:

Main chapter (184) on the discovery ('entdeckung') of the western ('westlichen') Cabo Verde islands. Page 207 - 211:

Page 53 - 54 Green Islands ('Grünen Inseln') are not Cabo Verde islands. Seen by arabic sailors ('arabische seefahrer')

Page 112 'Salt-island' ('Salzinseln') is island Arguin and not Cabo Verde island Sal

Page 139 - 146 Oldest map with Cabo Verde on them is from Benincasa in 1468

Page 160 Cadamosto discovers the Cabo Verde islands after a storm

Page 196 The portuguese King gives a non-existing island to his sister Donna Britiz

Page 201 -202 Copper- or Stonepillars in the ocean

Page 366 - 367 Spanish relationships ('kastilische Beziehungen') to Cabo Verde islands

Link to a document (PDF) with the pages above in one document: here. Handy for reading on an e-reader or tablet.

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